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Equipment Identification Designator 


Composite Tool Kit section of aircraft maintenance squadron



Smart Tool Crib

STC System Components and Specifications
Diagram and Features.png
Bin Numbering System
  • AC power 

  • Backup power for approximately one hour 

  • Status lights inside cabinets 

  • Inactivity timeout when touchscreen is idle 

  • Notification when maintainer leaves doors open for more than a few seconds 

  • Complete system dimensions:  124”L x 26.75”D x 81”H

  • Complete system weight: 2200 lbs 

  • Single high unit dimensions: 43”H x 62” L x 26.75” D

  • Single high unit weight: 700 lbs

  • Double high unit dimensions: 81” H x 63.5” L x 26.75” D

  • Double high unit weight: 1500 lbs 

Printer Specifications
  • Zebra ZD220d DT

  • The recommended Zebra brand printer paper is: Z-PERFORM 1000D 2.4 MIL RECEIPT. The required paper specs are:

    • 2.4 MIL

    • 4' Inches Wide

    • Direct Thermal

Parcell will provide paper for the duration of the pilot project. If the paper supply is insufficient please contact Parcell using any of the contact methods listed in the Project Contacts section of this manual

Bin Numbering_MacDill.png

​Figure 1: STC bin numbering system -- rear view (open side)

Bin Sizes
Bin Sizes.png
STC Diagram and Features
Bin Numbering System
Bin Sizes
Icons Used in the STC App

There are several functional icons in the STC app that will perform an action when tapped. 

Logout Icon_edited.png
Back Icon_edited.jpg
Sandwich Icon.png
Print Icon_edited.png
Trash Icon.png
Pencil Icon.png

The log out icon appears in the top left corner on most screens. There are some screens where an action must be completed before the user can log out, and the icon does not appear on those screen. 

The back icon appears in the top left corner and takes the user to the previous screen or to the home screen. 

The menu icon in the top left corner will open a menu drawer along the left side of the screen. 

The print icon appears on the View Items screens. It allows the user to print the displayed  inventory list. 

The delete icon will remove an item from a list like Stock Items or Check Out. 

The edit icon allows Support or Admin users to edit Items, Item Types, or Users. 

Smart Tool Crib Setup

These steps will be performed or overseen by the Parcell team during the prototype trial. In the commercial product, the user will perform setup independently, with planned software integration features that make it easier to do so. 

  • Position STC in place and lock casters (NEVER MOVE STC WHEN LOADED)

  • Plug power cord into AC outlet and turn on Master Switch 

  • Populate users 

  • Populate items to be stocked 

  • Create user in TCMax® with User ID “AMXS Smart Tool Crib” (this is for 6 AMXS at MacDill AFB only)

  • Create item location in TCMax® (this is for Strike AMU at Nellis AFB only) 

STC Stup
User Login and Authentication

All prototype test users will be issued a Parcell ID badge by the STC Admin. Log in by touching the Scan Badge button on the touchscreen and scanning the QR code on your Parcell ID badge at the badge scanner attached to the bottom of the tablet. When prompted, enter your Man Number and tap ENTER.

Badge Icon.png
Scan Badge.jpg
Username Screen.jpg
Print Recent Transactions
Maintainer Function

The only Maintainer function is Check Out Items, so there is no menu or home screen.

Check Out Items
Select Items Screen.png

2. Maintainer reviews checkout list, taps CHANGE SELECTION if necessary, or COMPLETE

3. Relevant Bin Doors Pop Open

4. Maintainer Retrieves Items

5. Maintainer Closes Bin Doors

6. When all doors are closed STC automatically logs out maintainer

Maintainer Timeout

1. Maintainer selects all the items they wish to check out from the list and taps CHECK OUT.

Complete Checkout.png
Final Checkout Screen.jpg

The transactions are logged when the Maintainer taps the COMPLETE button on the Selected Items screen, so once the doors open, the Maintainer is responsible for all the selected items whether they remove them or not.

If the Maintainer does not close all doors, the system will not automatically log out. Indicator lights will flash to show which doors are open. If the Maintainer still walks away without closing the doors, the next individual to try to use the STC will see an error message indicating doors were left open.

If the system is idle for too long before the Maintainer has touched the COMPLETE button and the doors pop open, the system will automatically log them out without logging any transactions.

Return Items
Session Expire.png

Maintainers must return items to the CTK counter as they normally would. Do not return items to the STC.

Maintainer Functon
Support Functions

The following pages describe the functions that can be performed by test users that have been assigned the role of Support Staff. The Support Staff’s home screen lists the available functions.


In the top left under the user’s name, the screen also shows an updated count of all the transactions that are ready to be reconciled with TCMax®. That will be discussed later in the Reconciling Data with TCMax® section.

Support Home.jpg

Tapping the three lines in the top left corner from any screen will open the menu drawer on the left side of the screen, which includes the same functions as the home screen.

Support Sidebar.png
Reconciling Data with TCMax®


1. Prior to stocking items in the STC, those items must be checked out of TCMax®. This is done by creating a user in the TCMax® system with User ID “AMXS Smart Tool Crib” and issuing the tools to that “user” just as you would if you were issuing tools to a Maintainer.


2. Then the items are stocked in the STC (see that process in the Stock Items section).


3. The Maintainer checks items out of the STC as described in the Check Out Items section.


4. Support staff prints transaction receipts from the STC using the Print Recent Transactions function. Immediately after printing, the Support staff must take those receipts to the TCMax® computer and enter the transactions. This TCMax® reconciliation step must be done before the Maintainer returns the items at the end of the shift.


5. Support staff enters the transactions into TCMax® using a two step process:

  • First use the “Return Receipt” portion of the printout to return the items that were issued to user ID AMXS Smart Tool Crib in TCMax®.

  • Next use the Issue Receipt portion of the printout to perform TCMax® transactions to issue the indicated items to each of the Maintainers that checked them out of the STC. You should be able to scan the QR codes on the receipt just as you would normally scan the barcode IDs on the items that are being issued. The Maintainer name (User ID) is listed first followed by the items they checked out of the STC. Then the next Maintainer name is listed followed by that Maintainer’s checked out items, and so on.


6. The Maintainer returns items to the CTK counter to be checked in at the TCMax® computer, as they normally would. The Maintainer cannot return items at the STC.


The STC prototype is not yet approved to connect to DAF networks, so users must reconcile information between STC and TCMax®. At 6 AMXS, this will be done using the process outlined below.

The diagram below outlines the entire process from stocking the STC to returning items at the end of a shift.

TCMax Workflow.png
View Inventory

User can view a list of items currently stocked and open bins available to stock. This list can also be printed by pressing the print icon.

Stock Items

Users will use this function to replenish empty bins with items to check out. To determine which items to stock, support staff can first view and print a list of available bins via the View Inventory function.

Important: Before stocking the STC, ensure that items have been checked out to User ID “AMXS Smart Tool Crib” in TCMax®.

Choose the Stock Items function from the home screen or menu, and the STOCK ITEMS screen will appear.

Scan the barcode or QR code on the item to be stocked.

The table will populate with the scanned item and prompt user to scan a bin.

Next scan the QR code on the bin and place the item inside.

The table on the touchscreen populates as items are stocked.

You can delete items from the Stock Items table until you select Complete at the bottom of the screen.


If you delete an item from the list make sure you have removed it from the bin, otherwise the log will be inaccurate.


Usage Notes

Only one item (one EID number) can be stocked per bin.

The app will allow you to stock items in any available bin, regardless of bin size. If you find you have chosen a bin that is too small for the selected item, you will have to delete that item from your stocked items list and rescan it before choosing another bin. You may choose to stock small items in larger bins if you wish.

Recommended Inventory List

 The STC is designed to fit specific items that were chosen based on historic usage data from 6 AMXS. The table and color coded image below show which items are recommended, how many of each, and in which bins they will best fit. However, Admins can add other items to the STC system, and Support staff can stock anything they that’s in the system.

Bin Numbering_MacDill.png
Recommended Items.png
Print Transactions

After selecting the Print Transactions function from the home screen or menu drawer, the user will see a screen that shows the printer status, date and time the last receipt was printed for reconciliation with TCMax®, and how many transactions are currently ready to be printed for reconciliation.

From this screen, the user can select from four types of print functions:

  • Print Recent Transactions  

  • Print Previous Receipt

  • Print User Transactions

  • Print by ITEM EID  

Print Recent Transactions

The Support staff will use this function to reconcile data with TCMax® after Maintainers check items out from the STC. After you tap the PRINT RECENT TRANSACTIONS button, a prompt will ask to you confirm that you are ready to enter the info into TCMax®. See the Reconciling Data with TCMax® section for more instructions about the full data reconciliation process.

Print Transactions2.jpg

After you confirm you are ready, you will see a prompt asking whether the receipt printed. Wait for the receipt to finish before selecting Yes. If you select Yes, the transactions to be printed will reset to zero. You must immediately take the receipt to a TCMax® computer to reconcile the data with TCMax®.

If the receipt did not successfully print, you will see a message with troubleshooting suggestions. The number of transactions to be printed will not reset to zero until the user confirms a successful print.

Reprint Previous Receipt

This function will reprint the last Recent Transactions receipt that was printed. Use this function in cases where the original receipt was lost or destroyed before it could be entered into TCMax®. Note that reprint this will not include any of the transactions that occurred since the last receipt was printed. Nor will the number of Transactions to Be Reconciled reset.

Print User Transactions

To print the transactions for an individual, choose the user’s name from the dropdown menu, alphabetized by last name.

Print by Item EID

Print recent transactions for a single EID number to help track a missing item. The EID for a missing item likely will be typed, but if you have the barcode or QR code you can scan it.

Remove Items

Users can move items from the STC to a different storage area or quickly correct an error when an item was stocked in the wrong bin or mistakenly removed from a bin. Note that this is not the same as a regular check out that would be performed by a Maintainer. Scan the bin (not the item) to complete this function.

A prompt will ask you to confirm before the removal is logged in the STC system.

Manage Items

The Manage Items Function allows Support or Admin users to add EIDs to be recognized by the STC system. The Equipment Identification Designator (EID) is the unique alphanumeric barcode ID assigned to each item in the CTK. The Parcell Smart Tool Crib uses the same EID that is assigned by the squadron and tracked in TCMax®.

The user must select an item type from the dropdown menu and scan or type the EID to be added under that item type. Note that this function does not allow users to add a new item type (e.g., flashlight, torque wrench, etc.). Admins can do that using the Manage Item Types function.


Users can edit items that are already in the system. Use this function to correct an EID that was entered incorrectly. Or, if an item will no longer be stored in the STC, you can remove it to “declutter” the items that are in use. The EID will remain in the transaction logs after it is removed.

View Inventory
Stock Items
Inventory List
Maintainer Timeout
Print Transactions
Reprint Previous
Print User Transactons
Remove Items
Manage Items
Admin Functions

The Admin can perform all functions included in the Support Role and the can also Manage Users and Manage Item Types (distinct from Manage Items).

The Admin home screen looks identical to the Support screen, but the menu drawer includes the additional functions.

Manage Users

Admins can edit users that are already in the STC system. Use this function to correct or update a user’s name or role. If a user will no longer use the STC system, they can be “deleted.” A user that has been deleted can be added again, but if they do not have their original STC badge card, they must be issued a new STC badge card with a new STC badge ID number on it. The user will remain in the transaction logs after they are deleted.

To add a new user, tap the plus sign at the top right corner of the screen. You need an unassigned STC badge card and the Man Number of the user to be added. Type in the new user’s name and Man Number, and select the user role from the dropdown menu (Maintainer, Support, or Admin). Scan the QR code on the badge to autofill the STC badge ID number. That is a random three-digit number that the STC system will match with the user’s Man Number for authentication.

Add User.jpg
Badge Icon.png

STC badges generated and assigned by Parcell will have the user’s name printed on the card. The unassigned cards kept at the CTK for adding new users will be blank, but the Admin can write the user’s name on the badge for easy identification in case the card is lost.

Manage Item Types

Manage Item Types adds a new category of item (e.g., Goggles, Avionics Kit, etc.), whereas the Manage Items function only allows new EIDs to be added for Item Types that are already in the system.

Manage Users
Item Types

What if the STC will not turn on?

Check to see that the master power switch is on and the STC is plugged into an A/C power outlet. 

If the tablet appears to be low on battery power, check that the cables connecting the tablet to the STC are plugged in.

What if the printer is not working?

From the Print Transactions screen, confirm that the printer status is Connected. If the status shows as Disconnected, check that all cables are firmly attached. The printer should automatically connect, but if it doesn’t, you will need to manually connect it to the STC app.

  • Log in with admin credentials

  • Press the print transactions button

  • Press the gear icon in the top right corner

  • Select “Reconnect to printer” from the dropdown menu

  • Select the Zebra 220 printer from the list of devices


What if I lose my STC badge?

Contact the STC Admin who will be able to provide a replacement badge.


How do I access transaction logs in the event of a missing tool?

Transaction logs will be available to print by User and Item EID. To access these options please see the Print Transactions section of this manual.


What if a Maintainer unintentionally shuts a door prior to removing an item?

The Maintainer should contact an STC Support Staff member for assistance.


The STC Support Staff member has two options. 1- Remove the item from the back of the bin and transfer to Maintainer with no further action. 2- Use the Stock Items process to restock the item. The Maintainer can then re-checkout using the STC Tablet. 

What if an item is stocked in the wrong bin?

Use the Remove Items function available to the Support and Admin roles.


How do I change the paper in the printer?

Insufficient paper will be signaled by a flashing orange light on the printer. For detailed information on the paper change process see the tutorial below.

How do I power cycle the STC?

Tool Crib Power Cycle Procedure

  1. Close out Parcell app 

    1. Swipe up to reveal Navigation buttons at bottom of screen

    2. Simultaneously press “Back” and “Recents” buttons to Unpin app

    3. Select Recent button, hold on Parcell window and close out by dragging off of tablet

  2. Disconnect Tablet using one of the following two options

    1. Remove tablet from the locked mount (CTK Admin should have keys)

      1. Unplug tablet from the mount


  1. Open the electronics panel located near the tablet mount (blue panel with a cutout for the tablet).  This is done by removing the two allen screws on each side of the mount.

  2. Unplug the braided USB cable from the black port


  1. Turn off the main power switch located on the bottom the support side of the double high unit near the right wheel (rocked to the left when looking from the support staff side)

  2. Keep off for approximately 90 seconds

  3. Power on the main power switch 

  4. Reconnect the tablet 

    1. If electronics panel is open, monitor the CAN adapter to ensure the orange and green lights are lit solid

  5. A pop-up will appear on the tablet asking if the Parcell app should automatically open when the CAN adapter is attached. Select “yes” and click OK

  6. When the app launches, two additional pop-ups will appear – one stating the app is pinned, and a second behind the first. Click anywhere on the screen other than the first pop-up to reveal the second pop-up asking if the Parcell app can access the printer. Select “yes” and click OK

Power cycle1.jpg

Braided USB Cable


CAN Adapter

Project Contacts

Technical Questions

Please call the following number for questions about the Parcell Smart Tool Crib prototype:

+1 (614) 344-1072

If you reach the mailbox, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.


General Questions

Email or call the following Parcell personnel with general questions about the project:


Erica Waite

CEO, Parcell

(614) 256-8648


James Mainord

Project PI and COO, Parcell

(937) 239-2250

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