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Smart Tool Crib in warehouse


Technology to Enhance Processes


Building an Optimized Future

View inside Smart Tool Crib bin

The Parcell team is curious. We're the kind of people who want to know more about the mundane, because it is interesting to us. We like talking to workers, whether on the flight line or factory floor. This curiosity is what gives us a deeper understanding of the challenges, paint points, and problem sets of our customers.

We're also resourceful. Our users are often hobbled with budget shortages, technology restrictions, and other issues. We know how to work within this environment to deliver the solutions that will meet their needs. 

Parcell was born out of a wandering barstool chat about ways to address the issue of package theft. A few months later we built some prototype smart-locked porch boxes that could be remotely controlled with a tablet app. The idea was good and it worked, but we soon saw a more interesting opportunity outside of the consumer space. 

Beginning in late-2019 we began having conversations with Air Force aircraft maintainers. The issue of wait times at the tool counter kept coming up. It was a major pain point and we were interested in applying our foundational technology to solve this problem. 

Parcell door hanger for the porch box

Operational Excellence


Meet the Founders

The Parcell founders are established entrepreneurs who specialize in building and selling technology solutions to meet customer needs.



Erica is a venture builder. She specializes in commercialization strategy, market intelligence, and investment relations.

Erica Waite is Parcell Company's CEO



James is a venture operator. He specializes in technology integration, legal strategy, contracting, and opportunity identification.

James Mainord is Parcell Company's COO



Barry is a venture seller. He specializes in product sales, new market identification, consumer electronics, and channel development.

Barry Coles is Parcell Company's CRO


Pivot from Porch Pirates to FOD

Execution is everything. This is the Parcell mantra and drives our approach. A brilliant idea, no matter how groundbreaking, loses its sheen without meticulous execution. We don't just believe in ideas, we believe in bringing them to life.

Our lean team consists of experienced innovators, entrepreneurs, and engineers who come together with a shared passion. Each member is committed designing, building and marketing the products that best meet our customers needs. We pride ourselves on becoming experts in our customers challenges and ensuring our products are built to enhance their processes.  

Parcell's amazing team of founders
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